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Peter Mathews, Composer

Peter Mathews

Peter Mathews is a composer of choral music and art songs. He has over 180 compositions, of which more than 80 are published. His work is primarily concentrated on sacred music, but also includes many secular works and instrumental pieces. He has a DMA in conducting and teaches Music History, Form and Analysis, and Orchestration at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville.

Dr. Mathews is also an excellent photographer, who has catalogued many of France's Gothic cathedrals and churches. Several of those images appear on the site, which also includes a large photo gallery.

Recordings of many of Dr. Mathews' works are also featured on the site.

I used a very neutral color palette to highlight the extraordinary pictures, which are placed boldly in the foreground where they claim equal importance with the text. Elegance and order are the dominating concepts, though the design and layout are quite unconventional.

Peter Mathews, Composer:

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